Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Well, today I received my new Opticron 10x42 monocular so was desperate to try it out on a night sky. Jupiter is just visible in the southern sky right now so went out to see what my new purchase made of it, as it was still very much twilight the moons were not visible but could clearly see Jupiter as a disc. Just as I got a focus it started to rain, we have had rain every day for what seems like 2 weeks now!

You may well ask why a monocular rather than bin's? Well, basically I don't have full use of my right eye, a defect from birth. So bin's are a waste for me, the Opticron BGA 10x42 is so far looking like a worthwhile addition to my armoury but I think a tripod mount will be required. I had hoped that I could get away without that.

I bought this item with a view to using it for low power viewing of subjects like M42 and general star clusters. The Opticron's optics are first rate so the small aperture easily out performs some scopes with larger apertures but with cheaper optics in a similar price range justified by goto computers built in.

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