Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not had much time lately but I always look up on a clear night so have noticed that Venus is still putting on a great display, tonight I noticed that we have again a nice view of Venus close to a crescent moon.

According to Sky at Night magazine they will be visible together in daylight on (I think) 30th Jan at around 11.00am, so if you have clear skies that day it should be an interesting view.


Friday, January 02, 2009

Well, first post of 2009, had a busy christmas and new year, not been feeling too well though due winter bugs that have been doing the rounds.

Managed to take some photos over the past month or so but didn't get around to posting them, first is a shot of Venus and Jupiter just after sunset....

Venus is the brighter object to the left, taken 6th December.

Next a photo of Venus and the moon....

This image was taken 30th December, Jupiter moved on a few weeks ago, it is scenes such as this that make it clear that the ancients wondered about these objects in the sky which seemed to defy the "rules" which the rest of the stars followed.

Of course the word planet was Greek (I think) for wanderer, as these objects appeared to wander through the sky.

I don't remember Venus being as observable as this, prior views have been of it setting just after the Sun, of course I do have large gaps in my observing over the past 40 years :o)