Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Very frustrating at the moment, but, I'm so busy with other stuff that the lack of observing opportunities is a blessing in disguise!

I'd forgotten that Astronomy is a difficult hobby in the spring/summer months if you have to get up for work in the mornings. So have had very little chance to see much, however, Jupiter is sitting right in view of my front door due south after 9.00pm BST. Just had a quick peek with the Opticron, 3 moons to the south west and 1 to the north east very close to the planets body. Haven't had time to look up which is which.

Rest of the sky is currently cloudy so not looking promising tonight.

So, rather than snatching an hour after work in December if it's a clear sky, I'm faced with trying to plan a late night vigil just to see if the sky is clear!


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