Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not had much time lately but I always look up on a clear night so have noticed that Venus is still putting on a great display, tonight I noticed that we have again a nice view of Venus close to a crescent moon.

According to Sky at Night magazine they will be visible together in daylight on (I think) 30th Jan at around 11.00am, so if you have clear skies that day it should be an interesting view.



  1. Mitch,
    Haven't seen any new posts recently. I hope you're doing well.


  2. Jeff,

    Doing fine thanks, just been very busy at work as well as working on the house. I've still managed to keep an eye on the sky in particular Venus which I don't recall seeing so high in the sky before, Apparently she is due to start dipping back towards the setting sun this month but will be replaced by Saturn.

    When I manage to get things straight around the house I will hopefully get the scope out and return to some more relaxed spare time!

    How are things stateside?

  3. Mitch,

    Things in Idaho have been somewhat cloudy in the past several months (in terms of weather and economy). I'm optimistic that clear skies are on the horizon! I hope you are seeing clear skies on all fronts. I'm hoping to spend some time at the eyepiece soon.