Friday, November 07, 2008

Early on as twilight approached I spotted Venus relatively high in the sky for me, trotted out the Opticron for a quick peek which revealed a gibbous disk but with terrible seeing conditions due to cloud and rain approaching from the west.

During a break in the cloud later I got an eyeball view of Jupiter shining very brightly. As soon as I can get the Skywatcher back into operation I want to get some photos of Jupiter to see if I can catch the main moons along with the disk. The last time I had the scope and camera hooked up Jupiter was only on show at dawn so I missed out.

Cygnus was high overhead and Cassiopea to the North East, the Plough was on show as was Polaris though it's disappointing that the little bear is not really visible at all from my location.

I noticed yesterday that the APOD site has some stunning images over the last couple of weeks.

Well that was about it tonight as the rain and cloud rolled in, hope to get more observing done soon.


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