Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just spent a helf hour or so outside on what is turning out to be a gloriously clear night.

First star to appear was (as usual) Vega high overhead, closely followed by Arcturus lower to the NW.

Jupiter is very bright to the south along the ecliptic, but currently obscured by my neighbours trees.

Cassiopea is overhead to the NE and a look through my monocular shows many background stars in this region of the sky and I can't wait to get the Skywatcher out with the low power EP to scan this part of the sky.

Quite a few satellites skimmed overhead just after sunset but the ISS is not on view for a couple of days yet.

Had hoped to get a view of M31 but failed miserably, must try later but my old favourite Albireo didn't disappoint.


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