Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Missed Jupiter!

Just been out with the Opticron to see if I could get another view of Jupiter but it is not high enough in the sky yet and I have work in the morning. Also it is too early to see anything else, the problem with astronomy of course is that in the winter you get plenty of observing time but it is very cold, yet in the summer you have to stay up very late to do any observing.

A couple of years back I had an excellent summer session laying back in a deck chair with my monocular, I could even see M31 with the naked eye....

Today I bought the latest issue of Sky at Night magazine, they have published a list of the "50 wonders to see before you die". I can tick around 35 of them so am not doing too bad on that count.

I note that number one on the list is a total solar eclipse and that there is also an advert for a company running a tour next year to an eclipse somewhere over Okinawa, prices start at £1,395 per person sharing a cabin. I doubt that I'll be able to afford that :o(

The last Rosliston Astro club evening that I attended (2 years ago?) included a presentation from a guy who had been at the last dozen or so total eclipses. He never did tell us what he did for a living but but one of his trips involved flying to Australia and then boarding a charted flight over Antarctica where he had booked two seats in order to not be disturbed during the event.

Anyway, hopefully I will be getting more time looking at the sky from now on!



  1. Mitch,

    I continue to enjoy your efforts to explore your sky. Very nice images on fotothing.com! I like your cat, not that it has a thing to do with your outstanding astonomy images. I also enjoyed your link to the Apollo 11 launch video. I remember that launch very well. A fun book you might enjoy is "Virtual Apollo," by Scott Sullivan. ISBN 1496-6921.

    I've suffered from the Astronomy issues you mention: too late to observe the summer sky and work the next day, so I haven't been looking at Boise skies very much. We also have a lot of smoke from the California and Eastern Oregon fires.

    Happy observing!


  2. Jeff,

    Thanks for the feedback, yep our cat is cute all right!

    I remember the Apollo 11 launch but due to the time difference and the general lack of TV coverage at the time we didn't get the best of coverage.

    I did purchase recently a DVD set which shows most of the footage that I missed at the time!