Friday, December 08, 2006

Cloud Dodging...

Well it looked like it was clearing up later on so I decided to take the scope out to hopefully get a first look at Saturn with the Skywatcher. As I was setting up the scope Saturn was in view as I'd predicted through a clearing in the clouds.

By the time I was all set to go, you guessed it, Saturn disappered behind the clouds, I missed it by seconds!

So I swung the scope around and had a nice view of the Pleiades and Hyades, and after waiting for what seemed like ages I gave up with Saturn and decided the moon was looking I dashed inside to get the camera the clouds were starting to cover the moon also!

Managed to get a few shots in, here is the best....

More later


  1. What a shot keep up the good work.

    Are you watching the Shuttle Launch tonight.


  2. Noooooo, I bet I've missed it by now! Been out taking some long exposure shots with my camera piggy backed, managed up to 7 minutes and got some nice pics I reckon, will post them later if I get time.